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Drilling Waste Management Technology Introduction


Drilling Waste Management Technology is Common foreign drilling and completion of waste process device.

 Drilling and completion of waste complicated composition, stability is especially robust, because of the various locations generated , effluent quality distinction is incredibly giant , it’s not possible to a hard and fast device and method to effectively trot out waste material totally different fields , standard treatment technology and instrumentation drug dependence is giant, however additionally within the nature of coping with one another a giant distinction high suspended solids, high COD, high salt , high color property and different characteristics of drilling effluent prices square measure quite high , that determines the drilling waste material treatment plant within the world presently the varied nature .

Drilling Waste Management system

 For example, U.S. NEW PARK developed a drilling waste treatment equipment for the purification of oil dirt drilling dewatering suggests that and also the management suggests that solid particles consisting of the waste material treatment equipment during which waste material treatment equipment with a capability of sixteen ~ 320m3 pharmaceutical compounding tank , deposit tanks and centrifuges ; Ukrainian industry conjointly developed by the corporate УOB drilling effluent treatment plant victimization multi-stage chemical natural action and deposit technique of waste material treatment and water system system to produce closed drilling ; France PAU International oil instrumentation Company skid-mounted electrical circuit waste material treatment plant , victimization neutralization, and centrifugal separation process , continuous operation may also be intermittent operation, with nice flexibility, capability will reach zero.58m3/min, refined water will be reused ; the Gulf oil drilling space is usually used cuttings reinjection instrumentation containing unsafe substances can cuttings re-injection into the formation , the strategy is possible and reasonable .




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