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600GPM Mud Recycling System Arrived At The Site Of HDD


Last month, Brightway manufactured this mud recycling system for customers and has arrived at the project site after more than 20 days of shipping.  The system has been assembled of the main shale shaker and mud cleaner equipment. It is planned to take one week to complete the assembly and commissioning. On July 24th, a group of workers were installing one set 600GPM mud recycling system in Thailand.  

600GPM mud recycling system in Thailand

At present, Brightway mud recycling system has been applied in Thailand, India, Malaysia and other countries and regions. According to customer's tonnage of  HDD rigs and  flow of mud pump, Brightway can design and manufacture mud recovery systems with different capacity and specifications, Including: BWHDD250 ( 60m³/h), BWHDD500 (120m³/h), BWHDD1000 (240m³/h), BWHDD1500(360m³/h).

 mud recycling system has been applied in Thailand

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