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HDD Mud Recovery System for 107t HDD Rig in India


March 3rd,One set mud recovery system has been sent to the site of  HDD project in India. This mud recovery system is used for the customer's 107T HDD drilling rig, and to help the customer save the problem about mud recovery during drilling.

 HDD Mud Recovery System for 107t HDD Rig in India

Through understanding our company's many successful HDD mud recovery projects in India, After many times of in-depth communication with Brightway, and comparison with other manufacturers technical solutions and after-sales service, The customer finally chose to cooperate with us. The mud recovery system we provide to the customer is specially matched to the customer's 107 ton drilling rig. The Capacity is up to 80m3/h.

 HDD Mud Recovery System for 107t HDD Rig in India

The mud recovery system is comeposed of Mud tank, mud cleaner, mixing funnel, sand pump and other equipment.  It can improve the mud treatment efficiency, reduce the mud cost of horizontal directional drilling, and greatly improve the drilling speed.

In the industry of HDD drilling, Brightway can design and manufacture the diffirent types Mud system for HDD drilling rig according to the request of the customers. know more useful information about HDD mud system, please visit the page: http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Mud-Recycling-System_d12

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