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Drum Screen

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Drum Screen is also called Trommel Screen,Riddle Drum,Drum Shale Shaker.Brightway Drum Screen is a new generation of screening equipment, mainly composed of Motor,Speed Reducer, roller device, frame, cover gasket etc,with external sealed by sealing isolation cover to prevent environmental pollution.


According to client's requirements,Brightway can design and manufacture different type Drum Screen  for different applications.

Drum Screen Operating Principle


The roller device slantly installed on the frame is connected to the motor by coupling via reduction drive, the motor drives the roller device to rotate around the axis. When material enters the roller device, it is rolled over by screening drum which is drived by variable speed reduction system. The material is divided by screening drum from top to bottom. The fine material is output from the bottom of front of screening drum, while coarse material is output from the end of bottom of screening drum. Screening drum rotate and roll to pop out the insert material to prevent to plug the mesh.

Brightway Drum Screen Features


1. Mesh is not easy to plug.

2. Smooth operation, low noise, high work efficiency.
3. Simple structure, convenient maintenance.
4. Screening drum can be closed to collect duct easily.
5. High reliability and high cost-effectiveness
6. Made for s special purpose, screening thoroughly with long service life

Brightway Drum Screen Parameter

Model Capacity (m³ / h) Outer sieve diameter (mm) Length(mm) Power (KW) Dimensions (mm)
BWGTS1230 20-50 Φ1200 3000 3 3580×1590×1675
BWGTS1530 40-80  Φ1500 3000 5.5 3980×1790×1975
BWGTS1830 80-150 Φ1800 3000 7.5 4150×1870×2240
BWGTS2030 130-200 Φ2000 3000 11 4230×1950×2950


Brightway Drum Screen Display


Brightway inner structure of drum creen Rear View of drum creendrum creen Side View of drum creen


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