Vertical Cuttings Dryer -the Successful Drilling Waste Processing Equipment

Brightway BWLS Vertical Cuttings Dryer is the successful waste processing equipment of environmental protection. So far, In the field of drilling waste treatment, there have been many successful cases. This cuttings dryer is composed of dryer, guardrail and base. Main function is that separating the water and harmful pollutants from drilling waste through the vertical centrifugal principle.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

A few days ago, Brightway BWLS Vertical Cuttings Dryer sent to a oil field in sichuan of China. This vetical cuttings dryer will be used for drilling waste processing at the scene. This project of vetical cuttings dryer is the last chioce of the customer after the comparison of cuttings dryer manufacturer in China.

At present,in the field of drilling waste management, Brightway have designed and manufactured different capacity and complete specifications drilling waste management equipment and system. It can be used in the majority of domestic and oversea oil field project.

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Trailer Mounted Solids Control System For Workover Rig

Because of Large structure of mud solid control system and difficulty to transport, can not carry quickly, Brightway designed and developed this Trailer Mounted Solids Control System for customer specially.  The Trailer Mounted Solids Control System designed and manufactured by Brightway for the customer of Iraq, transported to Tianjin port by 12 tractor-semitrailers. This Trailer Mounted Solids Control System adopt Trailer Mounted design and configure 4 phase solids control equipment and composed of six pull-type mud tanks and other tanks including fire control tank, waste water tank, diesel tank, water tank. The biggest processing capacity of system is 240m3 /h.

Brightway Trailer Mounted Solids Control System Trailer Mounted Solids Control System for workover rig

The Trailer Mounted Solids Control System can realize trailer transport directly without lift. It has strong maneuverability and can emergency to avoid conflict rapidly. Shortened the time to move and Reduce the cost. It can ensure that Mud preparation, aggravating, screening, realize smoothly in the process of 4000m drilling. In addition, This Trailer Mounted Solids Control System configure a fire control tank, composed of electric-drive fire pump and Diesel fire pump,can ensure safe under the condition of generator did not work. The whole Trailer Mounted Solids Control System of the high production standards, excellent production technology, is the first in the country.

According to the customer request and based on the actual environment, Brightway has completed well the production task of Trailer Mounted Solids Control System, Skid mounted Solids Control System at home and abroad. After many years of production experience accumulated, Brightway can design and manufacture different types of Trailer Mounted Solids Control System or Skid Mounted Solids Control System for different drilliing rig or workover rig. Welcome new and old customers to come to Brightway company to discuss cooperation.



Slurry Separation Plant Technology for Micro-tuneling and Tunneling

In China, there are many manufacturers of mud treatment or mud control equipment. But most of these equipment can be used in the industry of Oil Drilling and mining. So the Slurry Separation Plant Manufacturer of matching with Micro-tuneling and Tunneling is not much. Brightway (Brightway Solids Control Company) have many successful cases about Slurry Treatment Plant for Micro-tuneling and Tunneling. The design, production, process of the equipment has been very mature. This ensures that the fine quality of equipment to determine the good separation effect.

Slurry Separation Plant Technology for Tunneling

Brightway Slurry Separation Plant Cases for Tunneling

The equipment of Slurry Separation System is mainly composed of Mud screening equipment and hydrocyclone separation equipment, including shale shaker and cyclone separation system. Brightway design and configure Slurry Separation System according to the tunneling environment and the mud viscosity and density. It can save cost of construction.

Slurry Separation Plant Technology for Tunneling

Slurry Separation Plant Technology for TunnelingSlurry charged with soil is conveyed to the plant through the supply line (1) and let out onto a vibrating coarse sieve (2) which removes particles exceeding 5 mm in size.
The sieved slurry processed by the second fine shaker and drops into a trough and passes through a pipe into the main reservoir (3) of the desanding module from where it is pumped (4) to the two main cyclones (5) which separate out sand from the slurry.
The sand pours out through the underflow outlets (6) of the cyclones and drops onto a vibrating fine sieve to be dewatered and removed (7) from the process.
The treated slurry leaving the cyclones through the overflow outlets pours into an intermediate tank (8) from where it passes to a storage tank (9).
A further refinement of the slurry can be achieved by pumping (10) already.

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Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge in the World

Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge is widely used in oil industry from the latest 1980s. After years of development and application, There are many types of centrifuge, such as Horizontal Spiral sedimentation centrifuge, perforated rotor centrifuge, hydraulic turbine and other types. The Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge is widely used in drilling industry. According to the different speed, Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge is divided into low speed Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge, intermediate speed Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge and high speed Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge.

Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge is made of the main motor, polling motor power, fluid coupling, drum assembly, differential mechanism and feed liquid pump. Outer structural shape of Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge might be something different beacause of application in different industries.

Horizontal Screw Decanter Centrifuger

Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge Separation Theory

The separation process of solid phase and liquid phase is in the drum. High speed rotary of drum drive the drilling fluid high speed rotary, drilling fluid is left to the wall of the drum for a liquid circle, because the solid phase in the liquid circle is suffered the centrifugal force which is hundred and thousand times bigger than its own gravity, it overcomes the resistance of drilling fluid viscosity and rapidly sediment to the inner wall of drum and forming solid phase, liquid form liquid phase. The ratio of the solid phase centrifugal force and it own gravity is called the separation factor of centrifuge.

Pushing slag work of Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge is completed by screw propeller, in the function of differential mechanism, screw propeller and the drum form a certain speed difference, then the solid phase particles are precipitation to the drum inner wall are scraped from the wall of the drum, it is pushed to the small end by spiral impeller, in the process of propulsion is dehydration, at last get to disilting nozzle.

Brightway is the Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge manufacturer in China. The products of BW series Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge has been exported to 48 countries in the world. BW series Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge can be used in the many industries, such as oil well drilling, HDD, TBM. if you are interested in Brightway BW series Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge, please click here:

Desanding Machine Manufacturer-Brightway Solids

In China, There are many Desanding Machine Manufacturers, such as Brightway Solids Control, GN solids control, Kosun solids control. One of them, Brightway Solids Control, is the famous and professional Desander Machine Manufacturers. Brightway Solids can design and produce BWCSQ series Desanding Machine such as BWCSQ2S Desanding Machine, BWCSQ250-2S Desanding Machine, BWCSQ1S Desanding Machine, BWCSQ250-1S Desanding Machine. According to customers’ demand, Brightway can provide Desanding Machine of different models.

Desanding Machine Manufacturer-Brightway Solids

Brightway Solids Desanding Machine

Desanding Machine can be combine with desilter, to treat the drilling fluids, the most common cone is 8” or 10”, mainly separate size of 47-76μm solids particles out from drilling fluids. According to clients’ treating capacity can choose the number of cones. Desanding Machine is also called Cyclone desander.The details of Desanding Machine and Desander Machine Manufacturers:

Slurry Separation Plant for Micro Shield Tunnel Boring Machine

As we know, Shield Tunnel Boring Machine can produce more drilling cuttins in the process of shield construction. the drilling cuttings may contain various solids and liquids particles, which need to be disposed by the specialized treatment equipment. The Slurry Separation Plant is specialized equipment to

Actually, The Slurry Separation Plant for Micro Shield Tunnel Boring Machine has more stringent specifications. From the geological point of view, the diversity and instability of terrains demands an exceptionally flexible design, which in particular must enable rapid modifications of the rheological characteristics of the slurry in terms of its density and viscosity. From an ecological point of view, it is important to treat all the water and sludge produced. It must be entirely transformed into solid form to facilitate disposal and reduce transport cost.

Brightway Slurry Separation Plant

Brightway Slurry Separation Plant

Generally, Slurry Treatment Plant comprise 4 sections: scalping/desanding/ desilting; recycled mud management; excess mud management; surface and drainage waters management.

Brightway Solids Control Company is famous and professional manufacturer of Slurry Treatment Plant for Micro Tunneling. In terms of R&D of Slurry Treatment Plant, Brightway lies in having developed equipment and techniques specific to each of these 4 sections

1. Scalping Section: Trommels are superior to vibrating screens to avoid clogging with sticky clay, while maintaining a lower dilution of these clay and therefore a better control of the quality of the sludge.

2. Desanding-desilting Section, Brightway provide complete plants with one, two or three stages of high-performances cyclones depending on the geological type of bored soils. Brightway supplies plants composed of monobloc modular units. Sands are dewatered in order to obtain a minimal residual water content.

3.Sludge Management Section: Brightway has developed and patented a monitoring system, designed to assure 4 essential functions :

(1) Maintaining the balance of the sludge volume.
(2) Maintaining the balance of the solids, i.e. mainly eliminate or compensate any addition of excavated materials in order to keep the desired density of the conveying slurry,
(3) Maintaining and adjusting the rheologic characteristics of the conveying slurry, according to the choice made by the operator thanks to the information given by the rheometer (viscosities, densities & Yield value),
(4) Direct addition to P1 of a fresh specific mud for any particular need, for example to prepare one hyperbaric maintenance operation.

More Information of Slurry Separation Plant for Micro Tunnel Boring Machine:

Drilling Fluids Desander Parameter

Drilling Fluids Desander have no moving parts. The larger the internal diameter of the desander is, the greater the amount of drilling fluids it is able to process and the larger the size of the solids removed. A desander with a (10 inches (250 mm) cone) is able to remove 50% of solids within the 45-74 μm (micrometre) range at a flow rate of 500 US gallons per minute (32 L/s), while a desilter (4 inches (100 mm) Cone) is able to remove 50% of solids within the 15-44 μm range at a flow rate of 60 US gallons per minute (3.8 L/s). Micro-fine separators are able to remove 50% of solids within the 10-15 μm range at a flow rate of 15 US gallons per minute (0.95 L/s).

Brightway Desander and desilter

Brightway BW Desander and desilter

Drilling Fluids Desander is typically positioned next-to-last in the arrangement of solids control equipment, with a decanter centrifuge as the subsequent processing unit. Drilling Fluids Desander typically positioned next-to-last in the arrangement of solids control equipment, are preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized),shale shaker, mud cleaner (if utilized) and a vacuum degasser. Desanders are widely used in oilfield drilling. Practice has proved that hydrocyclone desander is a kind equipment of economic and effective.


Sludge Centrifuge For Sale

Brightway Solids Control Co., is the professional and famous manufactrurer in China. The Sludge Centrifuge of Brightway Solids is used wildly in the field of oil drilling and slurry water treatment. Now, Brightway has many models BW series  Sludge Centrifuge For Sale.

Sludge  Centrifuge For Sale

1. Brightway Sludge Centrifuge Features: easy to adjust, small footprint.

2. Sludge Centrifuge Sructures: The Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge’s central section consists of a rotating drum with an independently rotating screw conveyor inside.

3. Sludge Centrifuge Working Principle: The sludge is fed via inlet pipes into the mixing chamber in the screw. This is also where polymers are added for sludge flocculation. During centrifugation, the sludge is thrown through holes in the mixing chamber out against the outer walls of the drum. The dewatered sludge is transported out through the machine by the screw conveyor, while reject water is pressed back towards the reject outlet. The water level in the drum is adjustable and the type of sludge being processed determines the appropriate level.



Waste Oil Sludge Processing Methods

Waste Oil Sludge Processing Methods : There are more waste oily sludges produced as sediments in tanks and apparatus in oilfield operations. Those sludges can have extremely high solids contents at moderate to high oil contents. However, at the time when the sludges from different sources are combined and prepared for treatment, the oil / water / solids ratios are such, that treatment with normal oil sludge processing equipment is easily possible.

Brightway Waste Oil Sludge Processing Equipment

Brightway Waste Oil Sludge Processing Equipment

Brightway is the professional manufacturer of Solids Control Equipment in China. After many years of experience in production and application, Brightway designed and manufactured waste oil sludge processing equipment in the field of Waste Oil Sludge Processing. It is called Oily Sludge Treatment System and composed of Drying Shaker, Vertical Cuttings Dryer,Three-phase Separator, Water Filter Device, Water treatment plant, Electrical Control System and Storage Device. The maximum capacity of Oily Sludge Treatment Systems is up to 800t /day.

Brightway Waste Oil Sludge Processing Equipment Features: A water content in the order of 40-80% by volume, approximately 10-50% by volume oil phase with rather high viscosity, and a high solids content (in the order of 10-40% by volume) with potentially very large particle sizes, as well as potential content of significant amounts of other debris often characterize this product.

Compared to many other waste oil applications, the product properties oil field sludges require special attention be given to the mechanical pre-treatment of the sludges prior to processing. And because the recovered oil is usually not refined on-site, but rather added to the crude oil stream before it is sent to refining, the oil quality is normally sufficient using 3-phase decanter technology, which means these systems can typically be designed with one single 3-phase separation step.

If you are interested in Brightway Waste Oil Sludge Processing Equipment,please contact with us. you can visit the website of Brightway Solids Control Co.,Ltd.

Maintenance Methods of Drill Cuttings Dryer

Drill Cuttings Dryer is the core equipment of drilling waste treatment system. Like any other type of equipment it requires regular maintenance and servicing. when we operate the Drill Cuttings Dryer, the is often the problem is that so there are some maintenance methods of Drill Cuttings Dryer as follow:

1. If there are more leakage from Speed Reducer of Cuttings Dryer, please check and do it as follow: If the joint surface of Worm Speed Reducer case cover is not closely sealed, please scrape it; Repair the tubing flare when oil leakage occurs at the tubing connection due to unfit bell mouth. Sometimes burrs, scratches and deformations of hydraulic lubricating control system components can cause external or internal oil leakage. If not serious, it can be eliminated by reparation.

2. Fasten the screws, nuts, connection points, etc. At the leaking place to eliminate the leaking phenomenon caused by loose connection. During the process, examination should be implemented on fastening situations of all connection. For daily maintenance, operators must also be aware of this point. They are supposed to fasten immediately once loose parts are discovered so that oil leakage or other unexpected problems and accidents will be avoided.

3. Replace them when it is found that oil leakage in speed reducer is caused abrasion on seal elements and unreparable damage on relative components. And remember to match the replacements and the opposite parts properly so as to prevent new oil leakage problem from following the old.

4.It is a vital oil leakage management measure to ensure a smooth return oil passage. Enlarge the oil hole promptly, remove the sewage, do dredging or add new return oil hole tubing when it is found that the holes are not large enough, structure not reasonable and tubing blocked by sewage. A smooth oil passage will greatly reduce the chance of lubricating oil leakage.

5.Somtimes it is necessary to improve sealing materials, change fastening methods, replace lubricating agent, adjust return oil position, modify pre-leakage measures, etc in order to resolve the leakage problem. Retrofitting can take many forms. Generally speaking, it should be remembered not to affect the normal operation nor the original strength and rigidity of machine, especially by adding return chutes, enlarging screw holes, attaching oil dripping pans, etc.

Drill Cuttings Dryer Maintenance Methods

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