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1000GPM Slurry Recycling Unit for Micro-tunneling


On June 10, one set 1000GPM Slurry Recycling Unit is ready to be sent to Thailand. This Slurry Recycling Unit will be equipped with pipe jacking machine (OD 2100mm). The capacity is up to 250m3/h 1000GPM.

1000GPM Slurry Recycling Unit for Pipe-jacking

The Slurry Recycling Unit consists of large shale shaker, desander system, gravel pump and electric control device. The Recycling Unit structure still adheres to the previous BWSP design scheme, Convenient for transportation.

1000GPM Slurry Recycling Unit for Pipe-jacking

In the field of underground pipe network construction, After years of experience in design, production and application, Brightway has formed a mature system of equipment design and manufacturing and application. At present, BWSP series Slurry Recycling Unit has been successfully exported to many countries and regions in southeast Asia and South Asia. Assist local municipal construction, underground pipeline construction and other projects.

Slurry Recycling Unit for Micro-tunneling : http://www.brightwaysolids.com/Slurry-Separation-Plant_d10

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